CSR – 社会貢献活動

Oceania Branch

Helping local community organisations and activities in our region.

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Here are some of the charities we have done in 2019 to support various fundraising activities:

    Walk the Talk

    Walk The Talk is a charity walk held on the NSW Bank holiday, creating an opportunity for those working in the Banking/Finance Industry to spend the day giving back to the community. MSI Sydney office participated in this great event and helped raise a total of $28,530 together with other participants. The fund went towards Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation, John Maclean Foundation and Camp Quality.


    Red Nose Day

    In Australia, nine children die suddenly and unexpectedly every day. Red Nose Day continues to be the major fundraiser for SIDs and Kids, as well as raising awareness of issues surrounding sudden infant death. Every year, MSI Sydney and Melbourne offices continue to host a Red Nose Day event to support thousands of families across Australia.
    This year, every single employee from MSI Melbourne and Sydney offices took part in the activity and raised a total of $1706.55 which was donated towards Sudden Infant Death Foundation to assist the foundation into research, advocacy and education.

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Charity Fund Raising for the Island of Sulawasi in Indonesia earthquakes.

About Indonesia earthquake fund raising.

    What is Sulawasi earthquake?

  • On 28 September 2018, a shallow, large earthquake struck the Island of Sulawesi in Indonesia with a magnitude of 7.5.
  • The combined effect of the earthquake and tsunami led to the death of at least 2,100 people.
  • Overview of our Activity

  • Coming from the world’s most earthquake-prone country (Japan), this news saddened us as much as if it had been our own affair.
  • In response to this disaster, MS&AD and MSIG Asia Regional Holding Company launched an internal fundraising initiative to support the affected communities in Indonesia.
  • The fund was donated to our nominated NGO (Red Cross Australia).

MSI Sydney office organised a Charity Fund Raising Event for Red Nose Day!!

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About Red Nose Day.

    What is Red Nose?

  • Red Nose Day is a campaign for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), a very important organization that focuses on sudden and unexpected deaths in babies and children.
  • Annually, over 3200 Australian families experience the sudden and unexpected death of a baby, that is 9 Children every day.
  • Overview of our Activity

  • Advertised our event on the Office Building Management Intranet Site.
  • Hosted a Charity Merchandise Stall over two days in the Building foyer.
  • Sold the Red Nose Day Merchandise goods and collected the donations to the Patrons of the building.
  • Successfully raised $1357.35 in total from sales of Merchandise and donations.
  • The fund was contributed to the SID and Kids, non-for-profit organisations in many ways:

  • Advocating for and funding research into stillbirth and other areas of sudden and unexpected child death.
  • Providing Sage Sleeping resources for the community.
  • Providing bereavement support and counselling to families who have experienced stillbirth or the sudden and unexpected death of a child.
  • Maintaining ASK online, a national library service and valuable source of information surrounding SIDS and Kids.

メルボルンオフィスにてRed Nose Dayに参加しました!


MSI メルボルンオフィスでは、Red nose day チャリティに参加しました。
Red Nose Day で集められた募金は、乳幼児突然死症候群 (SIDS)の研究と家族をサポートする施設のために捧げられます。この日、皆様から寄せられた募金、$427.55 を Red Nose Day 基金に寄付いたしました。

Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance – Head office CSR activities